Charlie Bears Caboodle 42 cm.

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Charlie Bears Caboodle

Year: 2018
Expected 4th quarter of 2018
The Happily Ever After Collection
Designed by Isabelle Lee
Size: 42 cm. / 16.5" tall
Material: different types of plush
Color: ruby red, caramel and brown
Fully jointed
Safety eyes
Sculpted and stitched paw pads
Hand stitched nose
Stuffed with synthetic filling and pellets
With bow and key pendant
Can be cleaned by hand
Suitable for age 3 years and up

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Charlie Bears Caboodle

This bear has the whole "CABOODLE" of every different thing that you could find in a bear:-

Short woolly fur/ long fur with dark tipping/ multiple colours, including ruby red, rich caramel and rich brown/ sculpted and stitched paws that are also reverse colours/ pupil eyes with white backing for a soulful look/ a dark hand-stitched nose/ wears an organza ribbon and also has a key pendant...... so what a great and unusual combination...... CABOODLE has it all, including bags of personality!

Caboodle is designed for the Charlie Bears 2018 collection.