Charlie Bears Charlie 2013

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Charlie Bears Charlie 2013
Plumo bear
Material: long piled white tipped brown plush and mohair
Designed by Isabella Lee in 2013 
Size: 50 cm. / 19.5" tall
Black safety eyes
Brown hand stitched nose
Wonderful sculpted paw pads
Loosely jointed
With cord with bell
Stuffed with synthetic filling and pellets
With collectable bag
Not intended as a toy

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Charlie Bears Charlie 2013
This Charlie Bear is made for the Spring 2013 collection.
This Charlie Bear is designed by Isabella Lee.
He is 50 cm. / 19.5" tall.
He is a plumo bear.
This means that he is made out of plush and his nose and ears are made out of mohair.
He is made out of very long piled white tipped brown plush and mohair.
This Charly Bear has black safety eyes and a brown hand stitched nose.
He is fully, though loosely jointed.
He has wonderful paw pads.
Charlie Bears Charlie 2013 is filled with synthetic filling material and pellets.
He is wearing a cord with a bell around his neck.
He comes with a bag with the Charlie Bear logo on it. 

Be aware: Charlie Bear Charlie 2013 is not intended as a toy for young children