Charlie Bears Denise 48 cm.

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Charlie Bears Denise
Year: 2020
Plumo Bear
Anything is Pawsible collection
Limited to 3.000 pieces
Designed by Isabelle Lee 
Material: plush and mohair
colour: brown / ginger brown and peach
Size: 48 cm. / 19" 
Fully jointed
Safety eyes
Special sculpted paw pads
Stuffed with synthetic filling and pellets 
With string with key
Suitable for age 8 years and up

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Charlie Bears Denise is made for the 2020 Everything is Pawsible Collection.
Denise is a plumo bear, which means that there are some touches of mohair or alpaca around the eyes, muzzle or ears, while the rest of the fur is plush.
Denise has a really eye catching look and the big, fluffy pads are a great feature.
She has short brown, gingery/brown fur on her arms and legs, which is silky soft and very thick and she has big, fluffy tufts of peachy/orange fur on the end of her arms and legs, which gives a great effect. 
The big pads are sculpted and stitched and these are known as "tickly toes". 
All of these fur colours are on her head, together with a rich cream on the muzzle, which has some shading above the brown hand-stitched nose and mouth. 
Her appealing eyes have brown teardrop markings, which are associated with pandas and she wears a key pendant on a string bow.

Limited in production to 3000 pieces

Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Hand wash cool, with care.

Expected delivery 3rd quarter of 2020