Charlie Bears Dimples 33 cm.

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Charlie Bears Dimples
Year: 2020
Secret Collection
Designed by Isabelle Lee 
Material: plush
colour: brown and grey
Size: 33 cm. / 13" 
Fully jointed
Safety eyes
special sculpted paw pads
Stuffed with synthetic filling and pellets 
With cord necklace and key
Suitable for age 3 years and up

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Charlie Bears Dimples is from the Charlie Bears Secret Collection 2020 and has now been released to Charlie Bear Paw Stores, which are their flagship stores, with only 3 on the mainland of Europe!
Dimples is made out of brown and grey plush.
The bear is 33 cm. / 13 inches tall and 5-ways jointed.
Dimples has a friendly brown hand embroidered nose with airbrush details.
He has black safety eyes which have white felt beneath, for the famous "Who me look".
His paw pads are specially sculpted in the "Ticly toes" way and have embroidered claws
He is finished off with a cord necklace and a key pendant.
This bear is suitable for the ages of 3 years and up.