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Charlie Bears Thingy-ma-jig

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Charlie Bears Thingy-ma-jig

Panda Style Bear
Material: brown and fox red brown colored plush 
Designed by Isabella Lee
Collection: Autumn 2012 
Size: 49 cm. / 19.5" tall
Brown safety eyes
Wine red hand stitched nose
Loosely jointed
Withcord with bells
Stuffed with synthetic filling and pellets
Not intended as a toy

Charlie Bears Thingy-ma-jig

  • Charlie Bears Thingy-ma-jig

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Charlie Bears Thingy-ma-jig
Charlie Bear Thingy-ma-jig is made for the Autumn 2012 collection.
This Charlie Bear is designed by Isabella Lee.
Thingy-ma-jig is a panda style bear.
He is 49 cm. /19,5" tall.
He is made out of rusty brown and bordeaux red colored plush.
This Charly Bear has brown safety eyes and a wine red hand stitched nose.
He is fully, though loosely jointed.
Thingy-ma-jig is filled with synthetic filling material and pellets.
He is wearing a cord with bells around his neck.

Be aware: Charlie Bear Thingy-ma-jig is not intended as a toy for young children