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Hansa Chipmunk
Size: 20 cm. / 8"
Material: soft reddish brown and beige plush
Airbrushed nose and mouth
Age: 3 years & up
Can be machine washed at 30° C.
With information leaflet

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Hansa Chipmunk
This animal is 20 cm. / 8" tall and made out of soft plush.
He has safety eyes and an airbrushed nose and mouth. 
This animal is suitable for children from 3 years and up .
A Hansa plush toy is machine washable at 30°
Each animal comes with an information leaflet with facts about the animal.

Fact: Do you know that their large gnawing incisors grow throughout life? It's so they don't easily wear down from the constant gnawing they do everyday.