Hansa Hen French 30 cm. 5620

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Hansa French Hen
Size: 30 cm. / 12"
Material: soft  white, black and grey plush
With red felt details
Plush beak
Plush wired feet
Can stand alone
Age: 3 years & up
Can be cleaned by hand
With information leaflet

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Hansa French Hen
This animal is 30 cm. / 12" tall and made out of soft white and grey plush.
He has safety eyes and a plush beak.
His plush feet are wired so he can stand alone. 
This animal is suitable for children from 3 years and up .
This Hansa plush toy can be cleaned by hand.
Each animal comes with an information leaflet with facts about the animal.

Facts: The chicken is one of the most common domestic animals. On poultry farms male chickens are called cockerels or roosters and females are known as hens. Chickens eat mostly worms, insects, seeds, and green vegetation. Their wattles and combs help them cool by redirecting blood flow to the skin. The comb is the crest on their head and the wattles are the hanging flaps under their beaks.