Steiff Baby Jocko monkey comforter EAN 240201

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EAN 240201
Steiff baby Jocko monkey comforter

Material: brown and green plush
Size: 26 cm. / 10.4" tall
Embroidered eyes
Synthetic stuffing material
Machine washable
With CE mark for safe toys
100% safe for your child

With all labels and ID`s

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Steiff Baby Jocko Comforter EAN 240201
Steiff Jocko monkey Comforter EAN 240201 has been designed by Steif in 2014.
This Steiff plush toy is 26 cm. / 10.4" tall and made out of brown and green super soft plush.
He is filled with synthetic filling material and has embroidered eyes.
This monkey comforter is machine washable at 30° C and has the CE mark for safe toys.
This Steiff monkey has a gold plated button in his left ear.

EAN 240201 Steiff Jocko monkey comforter comes with all his Ids and tags.