Steiff Dinkie Donkey comforter 26 cm. EAN 242502

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EAN 242502
Steiff Dinkie Donkey comforter
Series: Soft Cuddly Friends
Year: 2021
Material: soft grey / blue plush
Size: 26 cm. / 10.4" tall
Embroidered eyes, nostrils and mouth
Black plush manes
Synthetic stuffing material
Machine washable at 30° C.
With CE mark for safe toys 
100% safe for your child
With all labels and ID`s

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Steiff Dinkie Donkey comforer is designed for the Steiff 2021 collection
This donkey belongs to the Soft Cuddly Friends series.
Soft Cuddly Friends are made out of wonderful soft plush and fun to play with.
Those plush animals and teddy bears are 100% safe for your child and machine washable at 30ºC.
Dinkie is 26 cm. / 10.4" tall and made for the 2021 collection in grey / blue plush, with black manes
He has black embroidered eyes and embroidered nostrils and an embroidered friendly smile.

EAN 242502 Dinkie Donkey comforter comes with all his Ids and tags.