Steiff GOTS Rudy Teddy Bear Comforter 28 cm. EAN 242229

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EAN 242229
Steiff GOTS Rudy Teddy Bear Comforter
Designed for the 2020 collection
Material: fluffy, certified organically grown cotton
Body: soft Jersey cotton wool
Size: 28 cm. / 11.2" tall
Embroidered eyes
Embroidered nose and mouth
Bio cotton stuffing material
Can be cleaned by hand
With CE mark for safe toys
100% safe for your child
With all labels and ID`s

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Steiff GOTS Rudy teddy bear comforter has been designed by Steif for the 2020 collection
This plush toys is 28 cm. / 11.2" tall and made of fluffy, certified organically grown cotton.
He has a nice striped comforter body, made of soft Jersey cotton wool.
His head is filled with bio cotton.
Rudy`s eyes , nose and mouth are embroidered
This plush toy must be hand washed, due to the organic fibres.
Of course he has the CE mark for safe toys.
Steiff toys have a gold plated button in their left ear.

EAN 242229 Steiff Rudy Teddy Bear comforter comes with all his Ids and tags.

Gots is standing for Global Organic Textile Standard.
That means that this baby item has a certificate for being organic and is safe for your baby.
More about GOTS can be found here