Steiff Jill Teddy Bear EAN 664298 15 cm.

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EAN 664298
Steiff Jill Teddy Bear

Year: Spring 2015
Size: 15 cm. / 6" tall
Material: creme colored mohair
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Hand stitched nose
With safety eyes
With cotton dress and apron
Fully jointed
Surface washable
Limited to1.500 pieces for UK and Ireland
With gold plated button
Not intended as a toy
With certificate and box 

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Steiff Jill Teddy bear EAN 664298
Jill Teddy bear UK, Ireland exclusive item.
Though the "Jack and Jill" nursery rhyme was introduced in the 1700's, its appeal is timeless. And even though "Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after," our version of Jill is anything but an afterthought. She's lovingly hand-stitched from cream-coloured mohair and features all the details that make Steiff creations so special. Jill Teddy bear wears an intricately handmade dress of red calico cotton with lace accents, finished with a red satin bow. Her black shoe-button eyes shine brightly and there's an endearing smile on her face.
She's the perfect partner for Jack -- make sure to purchase this pair as a set

EAN 664298 Steiff Jill Teddy Bear comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve