Steiff Lielou Pug EAN 045042

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EAN 045042
Steiff Lielou Pug
Material: white and black alpaca
Head is jointed
Size: 30 cm. / 12" tall
Plastic safety nose
Black safety eyes
Surface washable 
Not intended as a toy. 
With all labels and ID`s

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Steiff Lielou Pug EAN 045042
Steiff Lielou Pug EAN 045042 has been designed by Steiff in 2011.
This Steiff dog Lielou is 30 cm. / 12" tall and made out of off white and black alpaca.
His head is jointed and Lielou is filled with synthetic filling material.
Lielou has a black safety nose and black safety eyes.
The surface of this Steiff dog can be washed.
This Steiff Dog Lielou is not intended as a toy.
Steiff Lielou Pug has a gold plated putton in his left ear.

EAN 045042 Steiff Lielou Pug comes with all his Ids and tags.