Steiff Nelly the Beagle 65 cm. EAN 501043

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EAN 501043
Steiff Nelly the Beagle
Year: 2018
Studio animal
Material:brown, white and black plush
Size: 65 cm. / 26" tall
Plush nose
Safety eyes
Synthetic stuffing material
With iron frame, so children can sit on him
Can be cleaned by hand
With red collar
With all labels and ID`s

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Steiff Nelly The Beagle EAN 501043
Margarete Steiff GmbH and Jasmin Khezri, inventor of the well-known fashion and lifestyle figure IRMA, present “Nelly the Beagle”. Nelly is IRMA’s pet beagle. In the fashion world, IRMA is the alter ego of artist and author Jasmin Khezri and a unique lifestyle character. Jasmin Khezri herself has a pet beagle who was the inspiration for “Nelly the Beagle”. Nelly frequently accompanies IRMA on her travels and is now a permanent fixture in her life.
This dog is 65 cm.. That is lifesize and because of that it is called a Studio animal.

EAN 501043 Steiff Nelly the Beagle comes with all his Ids and tags.