Steiff Polar Bear EAN 034817

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EAN 034817
Steiff Polar Bear
Year: Autumn 2013
Size: 23 cm. / 9.2" tall
Material: white alpaca
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Hand stitched nose
With safety eyes
Fully jointed
Surface washable
Limited to1.500 pieces world wide
With gold plated button
Not intended as a toy
With certificate and box

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Steiff Polar Bear EAN 0348147
It´s a long way from the Arctic to your house, but our adorable little Polar Bear is more than willing to make the journey. While this beautiful creature is more realistic than a Teddy bear, he´s still terribly cute. His silhouette says he´s a polar bear through and through. Even his airbrushed paw pads and alpaca coat make him look like the real thing.
But his smiling face and twinkling eyes tell another story - he just wants to be hugged!
So while his appearance may say he´s a real bear, his heart says he just wants to be with you.
Why not make him a part of your hug of bears?

EAN 0348147 Steiff Polar Bear comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve