Steiff Basti grip toy 12 cm. Bio Cotton EAN 237690

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EAN 237690
Steiff Basti Grip Toy
Material:soft organic Bio Cotton
Size: 12 cm. / 4.8" tall
Embroidered eyes and mouth
Synthetic stuffing material
With rattle
Machine washable
With CE mark for safe toys
100% safe for your child

With all labels and ID`s

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Steiff Basti Bear Grip Toy EAN 237690
Steiff Basti has been designed by Steif in 2015.
This grip toy with rattle is 12 cm. / 4.8" tall.
Basti grip toy is made of fluffy, certified organically grown, brown and beige cotton with embroidered eyes. No harmful substances are used in the fillings or dyes.
He is filled with synthetic filling material and has embroidered eyes and mouth.
He has a rattle.
This plush toy is machine washable at 30° C and has the CE mark for safe toys.
This Steiff Basti has a gold plated button in his left ear.

EAN 237690 Steiff Basti Bear comes with all his Ids and tags.