Steiff Rascal Teddy Bear 31 cm. EAN 034039

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EAN 034039
Steiff Rascal teddy bear 
Year: Spring 2015 collection
Material: antique beige mohair
Limited to 1.111 pieces world wide
Size: 31 cm. / 12.4"  tall
Fully jointed
Hand stiched nose
Safety eyes
Stuffed with synthetic fillings and pellets
With tweed cap
With worn spot to make him look old
With squeaker
With  gold plated "Button in Ear"
Surface washable 

Not intended as a toy
With ceriticate, box and shipping box

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Steiff Rascal Teddy Bear EAN 034039
"Do you have a fifty" Today is my lucky day!" This Rascal is incorrigible and can usually be found outside the casino! He rarely has enough cash to go in. Nevertheless, with his tweed, twenties flat cap and direct manner, time and again he finds a casino goer to slip him a chip. Then he begins one of his moments of glory... Rascal Teddy bear has a squeaker, is 31 cm tall and made of the finest mohair in antique beige. Slightly stressed spots, shadows here and there, an embroidered scar on his cheek and his soft, stuffed tummy make him unmistakable.There are 1,111 of him available - watch out that your Rascal does not gamble away his gold-plated "Button in Ear"!

Steiff Rascal Teddy Bear EAN 034039 comes with a certificate, box and cardboard shipping box.

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