Steiff Studio Elephant EAN 500725

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EAN  500725
Steiff Studio Elephant
Designed by Steiff
Size: 80 cm. / 32"  
Material: grey plush 
Black safety eyes
Airbrush details
Synthetic filling
Can be cleaned by hand
With all labels and ID`s
Not intended as a toy

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Steiff Studio Elephant EAN 500725
This Steiff animal is 80 cm. / 32"  tall and made out of grey plush. 
This Steiff elephant black safety eyes.
He has airbrush details, to make him look real.

He is stuffed with synthetic material.
This Steiff animal can be cleaned by hand.
Steiff Studio animal has a gold plated button in his left ear.

EAN 500725 Steiff Studio Elephant comes with all his Ids and tags.