Steiff expected yellow tag edtions

Steiff expected yellow tag editions are all the Steiff bears and animals that are expected to be delivered this year.
Feel free to reserve the piece of your choice. We will let you know when the piece of your choice arrives. Reserving is free. No downpayment.

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  1. Steiff Barny beer EAN 069406
    Steiff Barny beer 22 cm. EAN 069406
    € 34,90
    Niet op voorraad
  2. Steiff floppy Cappy Kikker EAN 242618
    Steiff Cappy kikker 20 cm. EAN 242618
    € 27,90
    Niet op voorraad
  3. Steiff Cosy Jaar Beer 2025 EAN 114113
    Steiff Cosy Jaar beer 2025 34 cm. EAN 114113
    € 69,90
    Niet op voorraad
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