Charlie Bears Teacup 18 cm.

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Charlie Bears Teacup
Minimo Collection
Year: 2017
Limited to 1.200 pieces world wide
Belongs to the Charlie Bears in a Land Far Far Away Collection
Designed by Isabelle Lee 
Material: mohair
Size 18 cm. / 7" tall
Glass eyes
Hand stitched nose
Fully jointed
With scarf and hat
Can stand on his own
Stuffed with synthetic filling and pellets
Family: Clockwork Dec the Halls, Fairylights,Mr Cobbler, Mr Cuddlefluff,Poopenskoop, Teacup
With collectable bag
Suitable for age 14 years and up

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Charlie Bears Teacup
Teacup works very closely with Mrs Claus to create all the usual festive treats that everyone enjoys and make sure that there is always piping hot food on the tables in the dining room from daybreak to dusk. Teacup also makes regular tea rounds during the morning and afternoon breaks and is responsible for the chocolate vending machines in the snoozey rooms where elves sometimes go to rest their paws and have small naps. Made from 100% light sky grey and snowdrift white mohair her accessories (or uniform) are a hat and scarf designed by Mrs Claus in warm fruit tea colours.