Shipping / returns

Shipping rates:
The shipping rates shown are for shipping by our choice of carrier. This shipping information is provided as a guideline and is correct in most circumstances.
Signature services, express shipping, orders for multiple items and oversized boxes and weights above 20 pounds (10 kilo) will be subjected to additional charges.
We will email you with any changed from this rate prior to charging your order.
If you have special needs for shipping, click here to contact us

Order Total
under      €   50,00
€   10,00
€ 50,00 - € 100,00
€     7,50
above      € 100,00   free shipping


Order Total Shipping   Order Total Shipping
under          € 100.00 € 15.00   under             US$ 112.00 US$ 16.80
€ 100.00 -  € 150.00 €   7.50   US$ 112.00 - US$ 168.00 US$   8.40
above         € 150.00 free shipping   above             US$ 168.00 free shipping

Most parcels to the USA will be shipped by Fedex!


Rest of the world   Rest of the world
Order Total Shipping   Order Total Shipping
under          €   50,00   € 25,00   under              US$   56.00 US$ 28.00
€   50,00 -   € 100,00   € 20,00   US$   56.00 -  US$ 112.00 US$ 22.40
€ 100,00 -   € 150,00   € 15,00   US$ 112.00 -  US$ 168.00 US$ 16.80
above         € 150,00   free shipping   above              US$ 168.00 free shipping


Customs and Duties 
EBEARSTORE has many international customers and we ship worldwide every day. In the above list you can see the shipping costs.
The shipping costs in US$ are approximate prices. You will be responsible for your country`s dutoes / taxes.

To the USA we will ship the Steiff items and Charlie Bears as plush items and they are free of duty and taxes.

Shipping Carriers
Our standard shipping is based on using the best, most dependable and most economical service for each package. If you prefer a specific carrier othe than our choice, we gladly accomodate your request although shipping costs may vary.
If you have special needs for shipping, please email us


Return Policy
EBEARSTORE  in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, has a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your selection, call us within 14 days of your receipt of your order to receive a return authorization. 
Return shipping costs will not be refunded. You will be responsible to ship and insure the item to be returned in mint condition. Returns on AMC or layaway items will receive a store credit.
We will refund you upon arrivel of the item at our place. 

Please note: No returns on special order items and sales. 

Adress on door:
Please make sure that the address on the door / beside the bell is the same as the adress you used in the shipping information.
When a parcel can not be delivered, becasue there is a different name at the door, we will not refund the shippingcosts you paid.
The parcel will only be shipped again, after you paid the shippingcosts again.


Item Availability
EBEARSTORE  handles collectibles by Steiff and Charlie Bears. Due to the hand-made nature of these pieces, some items shown on the website are not available for immediate delivery. Manufactured pieces also have handmade components that can delay their arrival in stock. We try to announce when items are instock either in the item description, e-mails or a website announcement; however due to the limited nature of the items we carry, they may not remain in stock very long. If you need to verify that an item is in stock for quick delivery or an item needs to be delivered to you by a special date, please email us, so we can verify availability.