Steiff 2024 collection

Steiff 2024 collection contains all the Steiff bears and animals that will become available in 2024. There are many limited editions, plush bears and animals, and even some wonderful licensed items.
When the item is not available yet, feel free to reserve it. We will send you a message, the minute the item comes available.

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  1. Steiff Elena teddy bear EAN 007590
    Steiff Elena teddy bear 19 cm. EAN 007590
    In stock
  2. Steiff Melly rabbit EAN 081019
    Steiff Melly rabbit 20 cm. EAN 081019
    In stock
  3. Steiff Sonny rabbit EAN 007576
    Steiff Sonny rabbit 25 cm. EAN 007576
    In stock
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