Steiff comforters

Steiff comforters are made of skin soft material.
They are machine washable and tested on the highest norms, to make sure that those soft small blankets are absolute safe for your child.
Those plush toys are made in nice colors and designs, to make your baby smile and keep  him comfortable.

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  1. Steiff Ellie Elephant comforter EAN 242724
    Steiff Ellie Elephant comforter 26 cm. EAN 242724
    In stock
  2. Steiff Jimmy Comforter EAN 242281
    Steiff Jimmy comforter 26 cm. EAN 242281
    In stock
  3. Steiff EAN 242311 Lita Lamb Comforter
    Steiff Lita Lamb comforter 26 cm. EAN 242311
    In stock
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