Steiff music boxes

It is precious to see how babies fall asleep with the lovely music of a music box. Steiff creates those musical toys in many favourite plush animals and friends. 
Important to know is tat those music boxes are machine washable, because the music box can be taken out easily. Al those musical friends are 100% safe for your bay.

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  1. EAN 239700 Steiff Good Noght Dog Music Box
    Steiff Baby Good Night Dog Music Box EAN 239700
    €49.50 €39.95
    In stock
  2. Steiff Dinkie Donkey music box EAN 242496
    Steiff Dinkie Donkey music box 26 cm. EAN 242496
    €42.90 €34.95
    In stock
  3. Steiff EAN 242731 my first Ellie elephant music box
    Steiff Ellie Elefant music Box 25 cm. EAN 242731
    In stock
  4. Steiff 241765 Ellie Elephant Music Box
    Steiff Ellie Elephant Music Box 26 cm. EAN 241765
    €44.90 €29.95
    In stock
  5. Steiff Noah music box EAN 242779
    Steiff GOTS Noah teddy bear music box 23 cm. EAN 242779
    In stock
  6. Steiff EAN 237515 Hoppel rabbit music box
    Steiff Hoppel rabbit music box 20 cm. EAN 237515
    In stock
  7. Steiff Jimmy Teddy Bear with music box EAN 242458
    Steiff Jimmy with music box 26 cm. EAN 242458
    In stock
  8. Steiff Lita Lamb with music box EAN 242472
    Steiff Lita Lamb with music box 26 cm. EAN 242472
    €42.90 €34.95
    In stock
  9. Steiff 241840 Ollie Owl music box
    Steiff Ollie Owl Music Box 21 cm. EAN 241840
    In stock
  10. Steiff 240966 Happy Farm Piggilee musical toy
    Steiff Piggilee Pig musical toy 19 cm. EAN 240966
    €49.90 €25.00
    In stock
  11. EAN 239540 Steiff baby sleep well bear music box
    Steiff Sleep well Bear Music Box EAN 239540
    In stock
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