Steiff Replica`s

A Steiff replica is made in Germany.
The Steiff bears and Steiff animals on this page are made the exact same way as they used to make them in earlier times.
They are often stuffed with woodshavings, have glass- or wooden eyes and look very nostalgic.

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  1. Steiff Charly replica 1930 dog EAN 403484
    Steiff Charly replica 1930 dog 10 cm. EAN 403484
    In stock
  2. Steiff EAN 403446 Dolly Bear
    Steiff Dolly Bear Replica 1913 32 cm. EAN 403446
    In stock
  3. Steiff Spotty dog replica 1928 EAN 403538
    Steiff Spotty replica 1928 dog 12 cm. EAN 403538
    In stock
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