Steiff Sunny Teddy Bear EAN 035746

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EAN 035746
Steiff Sunny Teddy Bear

Year: 2012
Size: 60 cm. / 24" tall
Material: cream yellow mohair
With growler
Limited to 1.000 pieces world wide
With certificate and box
Price: Euro 429,00

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Steiff Sunny Teddy Bear EAN 035746
EAN 035746 Steiff Sunny teddy bear is made by Steiff in 2012.
Bigger isn't always better - unless you are talking about Sunny.
She is the the largest Teddy Bear in Steiff's Worldwide Collection of Limited Editions.
Sunny is 60 cm. / 24 inches tall.
This extra-large Teddy is made from the finest cream-yellow, long pile curled mohair on a sand-colored cotton backing.
Sunny is five-way jointed and features a rich, deep growler.
Her beautiful color will really warm your heart and provide sunshine and joy on rainy, gray days.
Sunny is based on mid-1920s Teddy Bear designs.
Like these designs, Sunny has a big round head, a shorter muzzle and dark-brown pupil eyes, which give her an especially childlike expression. Steiff designers say it was pure fun, to create Sunny. And it will be even more fun to make Sunny a part of your collection.
Sunny is limited to 1.000 pieces world wide.

Steiff Sunny Teddy Bear EAN 035746 comes in a box with a certificate.
Price: Euro 429,00