Isabelle Collection Bananas and Custard Monkey

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Charlie Bears Bananas and Custard

Limited to 500 pieces world wide
Belongs to the Isabelle Collection
Designed by Isabella Lee for the part 2 2013 collection
Bananas is made out of dark brown alpaca and felt
Custard is made out of golden brown curly mohair.
Size: Bananas 24 cm. / 9,5" tall, Custard 36 cm. / 14" tall
Black safety eyes
Custard has a hand stitched nose
Fully jointed
Custard has faux suede paw pades; wonderful sculpted
Stuffed with synthetic filling and pellets
With collectable bag
Not intended as a toy

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Charlie Bears Bananas and Custard Monkey
This bear is made by Charlie Bears for the part 2 2013 Isabelle Collection.
This set is designed by Isabelle Lee.
The bear is 35 cm. / 14" and the monkey is 9.5"/ 24 cm. tall.
Custard is made out of curly gold colourded mohair and has a cream colored alpaca muzzle.
Bananas is made out of dark brown alpaca.
This Charlie Bear set has black safety eyes.
Custard has a golden brown hand stiched nose.
They are fully jointed.
Custard has wonderful sculpted paw pads of faux suede.
Bananas paws are made out of felt.
This set is limited to 500 pieces wold wide.
Here you have number 316
They come with a bag with the Isabelle Collection logo on it. 

Be aware: Bananas and custard is not intended as a toy for young children