Privacy Policy

Personal Information Defined
The EBEARSTORE Privacy Policy defines how EBEARSTORE collects and handles information that is personally indentifiable to you and not publicly available.
This information includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, billing specifics and defined preferences.

General Information
EBEARSTORE will collect personal information during transactions initiated by you that is necessary for the successful completion of such transaction. EBEARSTORE will also allow registration of users willing to provide such information in order to use features of the site in the future that would require information.

Use of Cookies
The EBEARSTORE shopping cart uses a harmless text file calles a "cookie" to track the items you wish to purchase while browsing through our website and some preferences you set. EBEARSTORE does not attempt to retrieve any personal information from your computer through use of these cookies.

Information Sharing Policy
EBEARSTORE does not sell or share its customer information. We doe not sell or share our e-mail distribution lists. Registration with EBEARSTORE  is voluntary.
We may on occasion e-mail yoy to confirm that you still want to continue receiving our e-mails.

Editing Your Personal Information
EBEARSTORE customers can access and edit personal information at any time securely with proper login authorization. Those signed up on the e-mail newsletter distribution list are given the opportunity to request removal at any time.

Security Of Your Personal Information
EBEARSTORE restricts access of personal information only to parties who maintain and use such information for the processing of transactions completed at the request with us.
EBEARSTORE uses SSL encryptions for secure transactions.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
Occasionally, changes must be made to the wording of the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to make changes.

Questions or Concerns
Any question or concerns regarding EBEARSTORE Privacy Policy should be directred to