R. John Wright Flower and bug Kewpies complete set

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R. John Wright Flower and Bug kewpies complete set
Belongs to the Flower and Kewpie Bugs series
Fully jointed
15 cm. / 6" tall
Made out of 100% wool felt
Hand painted eyes
Limited to 250 pieces world wide
With box and certificate
Collectors item

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Flower and Bug Kewpies by R. John Wright complete set

This popular Kewpie series includes these irresistible Flower Kewpies and Kewpie Bugs. All of R. John Wright's Kewpies captures the original charm of those imps created by Rose O'Neill, brought to life with John's special touch. Each Kewpie is 6 inch tall and rich in detail with captivating expressions. They are handcrafted entirely from the finest all-wool felt and five-way jointed.

The Flower and Bug Kewpies are produced in Bennington, Vermont in a worldwide limited edition of only 250 pieces each. Each comes enclosed in a deluxe presentation box with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for registration. R. John Wright's Flower and Bug Kewpies Collection will include the following characters: Luna and Lulu (butterflies), Peeper and Poppy, Caper and Crocus

They all come with the same number!