R. John Wright Hop running bunny 8.75 cm.

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R. John Wright Hop running bunny
Year 2017
1 way jointed; head
8.75 cm. / 3.5" tall
Made out of mohair
Glass pupil eyes
Airbrush accents
Inset horsehair whiskers
Limited to 250 pieces worldwide
Includes box and certificate
Collectors item

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Hop running bunny by R. John Wright
Hop is the bunny in a running position and measures 8.75
 cm. / 3.5" tall (without the ears) He is 512.5 cm. / 5" long. He is made of the finest Schulte mohair from Germany with artistic airbrushed coloration. Jointed at the neck for playful posing, Hop has glass pupil eyes, hand-embroidered features and inset horsehair whiskers. A brass bell on a green pure silk ribbon is daintily tied around Hop's neck. His brothers Wobble and Plunk are each sold separately.

Hop by R. John Wright is made in the USA in a worldwide limited edition of 250 numbered pieces. Each bunny comes with a signed, numbered certificate of authenticity.