R. John Wright Nutmeg kitten 18 cm.

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R. John Wright Nutmeg Kitten
Year 2020
Head jointed with a ball & socket joint
18 cm. / 7" tall
Made out of alpaca
Glass eyes
Airbrush accents
Molded felt nose
Inserted whiskers
Detailed paw pads
Silk ribbon with felt beads and leaves
Limited to 250 pieces 
Includes box and certificate
Collectors item

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What a curious little kitten is Nutmeg! Master toymakers John and Susan Wright have introduced their new Christmas Kitten just in time to spice up your holiday season.

Constructed of the finest wool/mohair plush, Nutmeg is jointed at the neck with an innovative ball-and-socket joint system for a wide variety of posing options. In addition, John and Susan added wire armature in the limbs for gentle, expressive posing. She measures approximately 18 cm. / 7 inches standing. Her beautiful sculptural face features German crystal pupil eyes (hand set from within the head for greater realism), a molded felt nose and horse hair whiskers inserted by hand. How charming is this little kitten! Longer fur inside her kitten ears and molded felt paw pads add to Nutmeg's realistic appeal.

R. John Wright Nutmeg Christmas Kitten 2019

To share the spirit of the Christmas Season with everyone she meets, Nutmeg wears a festive collar of handcrafted cranberries and leaves. The berries are made from wood covered with all-wool felt then airbrushed with realistic detailing. You can easily untie the ribbon of the necklace so that Nutmeg can be enjoyed year 'round... not just at Christmas! The ribbon can then be tied back on with a simple bow.
Nutmeg will be produced in a limited edition of only 250 pieces worldwide. Each kitten will come beautifully boxed with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.