Steiff 2013 Treff Dog Replica 1928 EAN 402036

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EAN 402036
Steiff Treff Replica 1928
Year: Spring 2013
Material: light brown cotton velvet
Size: 14 cm.
Stuffed with woodshavings
Glass eyes
Hand stitched nose
Head jointed
Front legs wired
Surface washable
Limited to1.000 pieces world wide
With "underscored button" made out of patinated steel
Not intended as a toy
With certificate and box

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Treff Replica 1928 EAN 402036
It doesn´t get any closer than this! Our Treff replica is so close to the original, we had trouble telling them apart.
We think you will, too! We´ve gone to great lengths to duplicate the original down to the last detail.
From the intricate hand airbrushing to the patented, half-covered glass eyes, to the original light brown colored cotton velvet fabric to the hand wood stuffing, Treff is simply fabulous - and tremendously accurate in every way!
Treff´s neck is jointed and he has wire in his front and back legs to help him sit properly - just like the original.
Treff sets a new standard for replicas. Own him today!
Treff is limited to 1.000 pieces world wide.

Treff Replica 1928 comes with a certificate, box and cardboard shipping box. 

He will be available from 02/2013