Steiff Albert Einstein teddy bear 35 cm. EAN 355721

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EAN 355721
Steiff Einstein teddy bear 
Designed by Steiff in 2024
Limited to 3000 pieces
Size: 35 cm. / 14" 
Material: light brown and white mohair
Black hand-stitched nose
With safety eyes
With a white beard and hair
With tweed waitscoat with necktie
Embroidered paw pad
Synthetic filling
With all labels and ID`s
Collector`s teddy bear

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Steiff Albert Einstein Teddy Bear EAN 355721
Presenting the genius among the teddy bears.
Einstein, the famous physicist, is honored with this teddy bear.
The bear is made after the most famous picture of Albert Einstein with his characteristic wild hair, his mustache, and his stuck-out tongue.
He is 35 cm. / 14" tall, measured standing and limited to 3000 pieces.
He is fully jointed and made of light brown and white mohair 
He is wearing a tweed waistcoat and a necktie.
On his foot is the famous formula: E = mc² embroidered

Steiff Albert Einstein Bear EAN 355721 comes with a box, certificate and shipping sleeve