Steiff Antonio teddy bear 62 cm. EAN 421761

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EAN 421761
Steiff Antonio Teddy Bear
Year: 2023
Size bear: 62 cm. / 24.8" tall
Material: bamboo viscose
With wooden eyes
Hand-embroidered nose
With stainless steel button in ear
Filled with wood wool
Black woven ear tag
Limited to only 188 pieces 
With robin, made of viscose
With music box playing Spring by Vivaldi
With special box 
With certificate  and shipping box
Collector`s item

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Steiff Antonio teddy Bear EAN 421761 has been designed for the Steiff 2023 collection.
A place full of strength, clarity and firm roots: the forest. Surely you, dear collector, have experienced this during a walk
in the forest. The special air of the forest, the scent of the wood, the singing of the birds and the forest’s own “song” create a special magic.
Limited to 188 numbered pieces, Margarete Steiff Edition No. 17 – Teddy bear Antonio and his little companion, the robin – captures the magic of the forest and brings it into your home.
This adorable duo will steal your heart.
Designed in natural colours and with unique wooden paw pads, Antonio looks tenderly and affectionately at the robin, perched trustingly on his paw.
As an entrepreneur, Margarete Steiff was ambitious and assertive, but at the same time she was
a compassionate person who cared about everyone’s well-being.
Our Margarete Steiff Edition 2023 symbolises the essence of Margarete Steiff in a very special way: strong, full of inner peace and self-confidence, lovingly devoted to the small, fragile
robin on his paw and at the same time connected and committed to nature.

This bear is 62 cm. / 24.8" tall and made of bamboo viscose.
He is stuffed with woodshavings. His eys are made of wood en his nose is embroidered.
He has a musicbox that plays Spring by Vivaldi.

Steiff Antonio EAN 421761 comes with a gift box, shipping sleeve, and certificate