Steiff Asterix at the Olympic games 30 cm. EAN 675157

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EAN 675157
Steiff Asterix at the Olympic games
Final piece in the Asterix series
Year: 2024
European Exclusive
(excluding Germany, UK and Ireland)
Size: 30 cm. / 12" tall
Material: mohair
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Mohair nose
Embroidered eyes and eyebrows
Dressed in a black and red striped shorts
With red velvet cushion with yellow felt laurel branch
Surface washable
Limited to 959 pieces Europe only
With gold-plated button 
Not intended as a toy
With certificate and box

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Steiff Asterix at the Olympic games EAN 675157 has been designed for the Steiff 2024 collection
This is the last piece in the Asterix and Obelix series.
This Asterix is a country exclusive for Europe (except Germany, the UK and Ireland)

On the occasion of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, Steiff pays tribute to one of the most famous editions of the Asterix comic book series! After defeating the overpowering Roman legionnaire Gluteus Maximus in ancient Greece without any magic potion, Asterix stands at the top of the podium - cheered by his Gallic friends. This iconic scenery, which is also the cover of the 12th Asterix adventure published in 1968, inspired our Olympic Asterix. Dressed only in black and red striped shorts, he proudly holds the golden laurel branch on a red velvety cushion. The elaborately designed gift packaging also forms the winner’s podium, on which our Asterix can be properly celebrated.

This Asterix is 30 cm. / 12" tall. 
He is made of mohair and he is wearing red and black striped shorts.
He is holding a red velvet cushion in his hands with a yellow felt laurel branch in his right hand.
Asterix is having embroidered eyes and eyebrows. 
He is 3-ways jointed. (head and arms)

Asterix EAN 675157 comes with a special gift box, certificate, and shipping sleeve

Asterix® Obelix® / ©2016 Les Editions Albert René / Goscinny - Uderzo