Steiff Benny Springtime Bunny 25 cm. EAN 683626

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EAN 683626
Steiff Benny Springtime Bunny
Year: Spring 2019 Collection
Size: 25 cm. / 10" tall
Material: white mohair 
4-way jointed (arms and legs)
Hand stitched nose
Safety eyes
With felt carrot
With green bow
Limited to 750 pieces for USA only
Not intended as a toy
With certificate, box and cardboard shipping box

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Steiff Benny Springtime Bunny EAN 683626
We’ve combined all the best qualities of Steiff rabbits of the past to bring you a wonderfully new collectible bunny who’s as fresh as Springtime. Benny’s pose, white-colored fur, and his distinctive pink eyes will remind you of classic rabbits throughout Steiff history. And yet, he has a personality all his own. This mischievous fellow has raided the carrot patch, and it doesn’t look like he wants to share. Between his paws, he holds a beautifully hand crafted felt carrot trimmed with a leafy green top of braided cord. His nose, facial features, and claws are hand-stitched in shades of light and dark pink floss. Benny is a proud part of the family of Springtime rabbits that began in 2006. We’re sure you’ll agree: He’s the best bunny yet!

Steiff Benny Springtime Bunny EAN 683626 comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve