Steiff Bertie Teddy Bear EAN 664533 26 cm.

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EAN 664533
Steiff Bertie Teddy Bear
Material: brown mohair
Size: 26 cm. / 10.2" tall
Fully jointed
Black safety eyes
Hand stitched nose
With white collar and blue bow
Limited to 1.500 pieces, for QVC only.
Surface washable
Not intended as a toy
With certificate, box  and cardboard shipping box. 

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Steiff Bertie Teddy Bear EAN 664533
Steiff Bertie is made in Germany in 2014 for QVC.
This Steiff Bear is made out of brown mohair.
He is fully jointed and 26 cm. / 10.2" tall.
He has black safety eyes and a hand stitched nose.
He is filled with synthetic filling.
He is wearing a white collar with a blue ribbon.

Steiff QVC bear is limited to 1.500 pieces and made specially for QVC.
This Steiff Teddy Bear is not intended as a toy for children.
He wears a gold plated Button in his left ear.

Steiff Bertie Teddy Bear EAN 664533 comes with a box, certificate and cardboard shipping box.