Steiff Biggie Beagle EAN 034824

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EAN 034824
Steiff Biggie Beagle
Year: Autum 2013
Material: white / brown mohair
Limited to 1.500 pieces world wide
Head is jointed
Size: 12 cm. / 4.8"  tall
Hand stiched nose
Safety eyes
With leather collar and leash
Stuffed with synthetic filling
With gold plated button in ear
Surface washable 

Not intended as a toy
With ceriticate, box and shipping box

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Steiff Biggie Beagle EAN 034824
Beagles have often been a favourite with aristocracy, especially in Britain. So it´s no surprise that Steiff´s new Biggie Beagle was created as a companion to our Sir Edward Teddy bear. This remarkable dog is sewn from spotted beige/brown premium Steiff Schulte mohair. He is carefully painted using a time-consuming airbrush technique. Biggie wears a handmade leather collar and leash. Biggie´s neck is jointed. This playful pup is just waiting to be taken on a walk. Biggie is the perfect companion for Sir Edward, but he´s ready to be your best friend, too! Why not adopt him today?

EAN 034824 Steiff Biggie Beagle comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve