Steiff Brie Mouse 9 cm. EAN 683435

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EAN 683435
Steiff Brie Squeeker Mouse

The Toy Shoppe Exclusive
Year: 2020
Material: Trevira velvet
Color: grey and white
Size: 9 cm. / 3.6" tall
Head is jointed
Arms and legs are wired
Black safety eyes
Hand-stitched nose
Limited to 1.975 pieces
With airbrush detailing
With skirt
With special chest tag
Surface washable
Not intended as a toy
With certificate, box and cardboard shipping box.

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Steiff Brie Squeeker Mouse EAN 683435
Brie is named after the famous French cheese that she likes so much.
Brie is 9 cm. / 3.5 inches tall. She may be small, but she`s bursting with personality.
You can tell from her pudgy tummy and chubby derriere that she loves to nibble.
The Squeekers are an all-new Steiff design with great attention to detail.
Brie is crafted from custom-made Trevira velvet and has a felt tail that follows her wherever she goes. She has a sweet little hand-stitched smile and a nose with hand-applied whiskers. Subtle airbrushing blushes her cheeks and inner ears. Around her neck is a green satin choker with a shiny golden button. A delicate lace skirt encircles her waist with a lovely satin ribbon that ties into a little bow. Although she is quite impressive, this little Brie is as quiet as a mouse! Brie is weighted with pellets for a wonderful feel when you hold her.
Not only is she jointed at the neck, Brie also has wire armature in her arms and feet to allow for even more expressive, gentle posing.
Steiff artisans have airbrushed fine details to give her added character.
And there is a special Steiff bonus... a custom-designed Squeeker chest tag!

Steiff EAN 638435 Brie Squeeker Mouse comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve