Steiff Club Event Bear 2019 22 cm. EAN 421532

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EAN 421532
Steiff Club Event 2019 Teddy Bear 
Year: 2019
Limited till the end of 2019
Size: 22 cm. / 8.5" tall
Made out of Schulte mohair
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
With safety eyes
With hand stitched nose
Fully jointed
With green voile bow
With gold plated Button in ear
With certificate

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Steiff Club Event 2019 Teddy Bear EAN 421532
Steiff Club Event Teddy Bear has been made by Steiff in 2019.

This teddy bear is only available through stores that organizes a Steiff Club Event.
Sewn from the finest Schulte mohair. 
This Steiff teddy bear is 22 cm. / 8.5" tall and fully jointed.
He has a hand stitched nose and brown safety eyes. 
He is wearing a sheer, light green voile bow that has Event 2019 imprinted on one site of rhe ribbon and the famous Steiff phrase Knopf im Ohr along with their logo on the adjacent side of the ribbon.
This bear proudly wears a gold plated button in his ear.

Steiff Club Event 2019 Teddy Bear EAN 421532 comes with a certificate