Steiff Disney Bambi Monochrome 22 cm. EAN 356018

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EAN 3556018
Steiff Bambi
Year: 2023
Size: 22 cm. / 8.8"
Material: mohair
Head jointed
Color: platinum
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Embroidered eyes, nose and dots
Limited to 2000 pieces
Collector's item

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Steiff Bambi Monochrome EAN 356018 has been designed for the Autumn 2023 collection.
This extraordinary Bambi is presented in monochrome fine mohair in the platinum color, just as the Mickey Mouse made in 2022 is.
Bambi is 22 cm. / 8.8" tall.
His head is jointed.
Bambi has embroidered eyes and and embroidered nose with a gloss stitch.
The spots on his back are also embroidered.
The butterfly on his tail is made of printed felt.
He is limited to 2000 pieces.
This Bambi is a collector's item and suitable for the age of 14 years and older.
He is wearing a gold-plated button in his left ear, so you can recognize the Steiff quality straight away.

Steiff Bami EAN 356018 comes with a certificate, special gift box and shipping sleeve