Steiff Mickey Mouse Disney D100 platinum 32 cm. EAN 355936

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EAN 355936
Steiff Mickey Mouse
Year: 2022
Size: 31 cm. / 12.4"
Material: mohair
5-ways jointed
Colour: platinum
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Embroidered eyes
Collector's item

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Steiff Mickey Mouse Disney D100 platinum EAN 355936 has been designed for the Autumn 2022 collection.
This Mickey Mouse is made to celebrate 100 years of Disney.
Steiff was one of the first companies to make Mickey Mouse for Walt Disney.
This extraordinary Mickey Mouse is presented in a monochrome platinum fine cotton velvet in the platinum colour, that Disney is using to celebrate their anniversary.
Glitter elements complement the overall design.
This exclusive design celebrates and congratulates Disney on its anniversary year.

Mickey is 31 cm. / 12.4" tall.
He is 5-ways jointed and his legs are reinforced with link wire, so he can stand easily on his own.
Mickey has embroidered eyes.
Mickey comes with a special chest tag with the embossed anniversary logo.
This Mickey Mouse is limited till the end of 2023.

This Mickey Mouse is a collector's item and suitable for the age of 14 years and older.

Steiff Mickey Mouse EAN 355936 comes with a certificate, special gift box and shipping sleeve