Steiff Edelweiss Bear 2015 28 cm. EAN 673788

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EAN 673788
Steiff Edelweiss Teddy Bear 2015
Material: mohair
Limited till to 1.500 pieces
Specially made for the Steiff Galleries in Bromly, Vienna and Zürich
Size: 28 cm. / 11.2"  tall
Fully jointed
Hand stiched nose
Safety eyes
With Jacquard bow
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Surface washable 

Not intended as a toy
With ceriticate, box and cardboard shipping box

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Steiff Edelweiss Teddy Bear 2015 EAN 673788
“Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me”
Now close your eyes, picture the rugged beauty and purity of the Alps, and you can almost smell the mountain air and see those mountain sunflowers, the Edelweiss. As a tribute to this national symbol, Steiff are pleased to offer you this stunning Edelweiss teddy bear who simply envelopes all the freshness, nobility and purity of the famous mountain flower. And his bold vibrant Jacquard bow reflects exactly that. Just like many folk tales of the flower, keep this bear close to you and he will keep you safe.
Item Number – 673788
Standing 28 cm tall
Limited edition of 1, 500 pieces
This inspiring bear is only available to buy at the Steiff Galleries in Bromley, Vienna and Zürich.  

Steiff Edelweiss Teddy Bear 2015 EAN 673788 comes with a certificate, box and cardboard shipping sleeve