Steiff Fairytale little brother and sister 15 cm. EAN 007132

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EAN 007132
Steiff Little brother and sister
Year: Spring 2022 collection
Material: mohair and cotton velvet
Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide
Size: 15 cm. / 6"  and 12 cm. / 4.8" tall
Hand stiched nose
Safety eyes
Surface washable 
Not intended as a toy
With certificate, box and shipping box

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Steiff Fairytale little brother and little sister is designed for the Steiff 2022 collection.
Inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairytale these siblings are certain to waken nostalgia.
Little brother tooks his sister`s hand: "Come, let us go together out into the wide world!"
Little brother drinks from an enchanted stream and turns into a fawn.
A spell cast by their evil stepmother.
He and his little sister vow never to be parted.
The evil stepmother is furious when she hears they are thriving happily.
The King witnesses her hateful ways and puts a stop to all her wrong doings and thus breaks her spell, the fawn changes back into Little Brother, and everyone lives happily ever after.
Another inspirited depiction of imaginary beings and lands from the Fairytale world series.
The little sister bear is 15 cm. / 6" tall and the little dear is 12 cm. / 4.8" tall.
The bear is made of blond mohair and fully jointed.
She has a hand embroidered nose and safety eyes.
Little sister is wearing a cotton poplin millefleurs dress.
The deer is made of cotton velvet with a neckband and bell.
Both are wearing a gold plated button in their left ear.

Steiff Faitytale Little brother and little sister comes with a certificate, gift box and shipping sleeve