Steiff Flo Event 2012 Teddy Bear EAN 421242

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EAN 421242

Steiff Club Flo Event 2012 Teddy Bear 
Year: 2012
Size: 21 cm. / 8.4" tall
Made out of light brown colored silk plush
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
With black safety eyes
With black hand stitched nose
Limited to the end of 2012
With airbrush details
With gold plated Button in ear
With certificate

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Steiff  Club Flo Event 2012 Teddy Bear EAN 421242
Steiff Flo Teddy Bear EAN 421242 has been made by Steiff in 2012.
Steiff Flo is only available through stores that organizes an Steiff Club Event.

He is made in a light brown colored silk plush. 
This plush toy is 21 cm. / 8.4" tall and fully jointed.
Flo is having darker airbrush details on his face and body.
He has a black hand stitched nose and black safety eyes. 
This Steiff bear is stuffed with synthetic filling.
He is limited to the year 2012.
Flo proudly wears a gold plated button in his ear.

Steiff Club Flo Event 2012 Teddy Bear EAN 421242 comes with a certificate