Steiff Gentleman Ben EAN 682292

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EAN 682292
Steiff Gentleman Ben

North American Exclusive
Year: 2013 
Size: 50 cm. / 20" tall
Material: brown tipped cinnamon mohair
With growler
With collar with bells
Limited to 1.000 pieces USA only
With certificate and box

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Steiff Gentleman Ben EAN 682292 
EAN 682292 Steiff Gentleman Ben is designed by Steiff for 2013.
Gentleman Ben is the reproduction of a bear discovered in an online auction

This Steiff Bear is 50 cm. / 20 inches tall.
He is made from brown tipped cinnamon colored fur with hand airbrushed details.
Gentleman Ben is five-way jointed and features a rich, deep growler.
He is wearing a collar with bells around his neck.
Ben is limited to 1.000 pieces and is a North American Exclusive.

Steiff Gentleman Ben EAN 682292 comes in a box with a certificate.