Steiff Great American Unity Bear 31 cm. EAN 684104

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EAN 684104
Steiff Great American Unity Teddy Bear
Year: 2023
Limited to 750 pieces for USA only
Size: 31 cm. / 12.4" tall
Material: mohair
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
With safety eyes
Hand stitched nose
Bear is fully jointed
With felt elephant and donkey
With bow
Surface washable
With gold plated button
Not intended as a toy
With certificate and box

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.Steiff Great American Unity Teddy Bear EAN 684104 is designed for the North American 2023 collection.
Red state or blue? Democrat or Republican? In the United States, political parties are identified along color lines - either red or blue. No matter which party that Steiff Teddy bear lovers support, this collectible bear is for everyone. Called Unity, this Teddy includes tiny, beautifully detailed felt mascots of America's two main political parties - an elephant for Republicans and a donkey for Democrats. Both wear saddles with colors of the political parties they represent making this a perfectly patriotic collectible for voters of all persuasions.

This bear is 31 cm. / 12.4" tall and limited to 750 pieces.
He is made of mohair and fully jointed.
He is the successor in the Great American Bear Series.
This bear has safety eyes and a hand-stitched nose.
The colorful bow around his neck is inspired by the United States flag.

In each paw he holds a little animal with patriotic felt saddlecloth embroidered with a star: one is an elephant and the other a donkey. A truly inspiring Teddy bear representing Americans coming together as one country!

Great American Unity Bear EAN 684104 comes with a box, certificate and shipping box