Steiff Grizzle 34 cm. EAN 664915

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EAN 664915

Steiff Grizzle
Year: Steiff 2015 Collection
Size: 34 cm. / 13.6" tall
Material: batic brown mohair
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Hand stitched nose
With safety eyes
Head and arms jointed
Surface washable
With growler
Limited to1.500 pieces for UK and USA only
With gold plated button
Not intended as a toy
With certificate and box

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Steiff Grizzle EAN 664915
Ursus arctos - The big "Grizzly" brown bear of North America has stepped out of the Great Plains and is eager to step right into your collection. We are proud to interpret this majestic symbol of the wild and bring to you a stunning bear. A very special and unique batik mohair has been produced exclusively for "Grizzle" to capture the bear´s striking "grizzled" golden and grey hair which is exclusive to these magnificent animals. His pupil eyes overflow with a plethora of ancient wisdom and wonder. Invite Grizzle into your home and be certain of something great.

EAN 664915 Steiff Grizzle comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve