Steiff Jack Teddy Bear EAN 664342

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EAN 664342
Steiff Jack Teddy Bear

Year: Spring 2014
Size: 14 cm. / 5.6" tall
Material: cinnamon colored mohair
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Hand stitched nose
With safety eyes
With wooden pail
Fully jointed
Surface washable
Limited to1.500 pieces for UK and Ireland
With gold plated button with Elephant motif
Not intended as a toy
With certificate and box

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Jack Teddy bear EAN 664342
Jack Teddy bear UK, Ireland exclusive item.
Were Jack and Jill really going "up a hill" to "fetch a pail of water"?
Or was there more beneath the surface of this enduring nursery rhyme?
Theories about the meaning abound, with origins traced to King Charles I of England or Louis XVI of France --among many other possibilities.
Regardless of where the legend arose, there is no denying the ongoing popularity of these beloved verses. Naturally, such a classic is a natural fit for Steiff.
Our Jack Teddy bear, sewn from cinnamon mohair, wears blue overalls with a red stitched embellishment.
In his paw, he carries a finely detailed wooden pail that is completely handmade.
A cotton neckerchief completes his outfit, but Jack is never truly complete without Jill.

EAN 664342 Steiff Jack Teddy Bear comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve