Steiff Jiminy Cricket 20 cm. EAN 355530

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EAN 355530
Steiff Jiminy Cricket
Year: 2020
Size: 20 cm. / 8"
Material: mohair and wool
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Hand-stitched eyes and nose
3-way jointed (head and arms)
Fully dressed as in the movie Pinocchio
Surface washable
Limited to 1.940 pieces
With button in ear
Suitable for 14 years and up
With certificate and box

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Steiff Jimeny Cricket is made for the 2020 Autumn collection.
The mischievous wooden puppet; Pinocchio, can always rely on his best friend Jiminy.
He`s always in hand to offer caring advice and be the voice of reason.
Mr. Cricket is made of the finest mohair and is spirting a black jacket and an umbrella made of felt.
He is also wearing blue shoes and a bleu top hat - perhaps in memory of the blue fairy.
He is made to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Pinocchio Classic Disney movie.
He is 20 cm. tall and limited to 1.940 pieces.
He is 3 ways jointed, head and arms and has embroidered eyes and nose.

EAN 355530 Steiff Jiminy Cricket comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve