Steiff Nemo fish EAN 354885

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EAN 354885

Steiff Nemo
Year: Fall 2013
Size: 15 cm. / 6" tall
Material: orange and white mohair
Stuffed with synthetic filling material
Surface washable
Limited to 2.000 pieces world wide
With gold plated button
Not intended as a toy
With certificate and box

©Disney movie "Finding Nemo"

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Steiff Nemo EAN 354885
Nemo is a tiny clownfish who goes on a big adventure. One of his fins is slightly smaller than the other due to a barracuda attack when Nemo was an unhatched egg. Our Nemo is made from genuine mohair with airbrushed accents.
©Disneyd Based on the movie "finding Nemo"

EAN 354885 Steiff Nemo comes with a certificate, box and shipping sleeve